Thursday, August 15, 2013

Acid Age Supercollider: SC & 71

Thanks to all who have written emails or messages regarding the Supercollider. Here is my answer:

The Supercollider will return in 2 voices: SC- the standard bass monster Supercollider or 71- a fuzzier, smoother circuit based on a few early 70s muff schematics. The voicing of each individual pedal will be stamped SC or 71 in the circle to the right of the logo.

Both voices will feature the same set of controls: Mass, Mids, Tone, Gain and Level. The enclosure size is the same as the Acid Pig.

Color choices are sparkle black w/ white ink or army green w/ black ink.

Pedals will start shipping late September. $155 shipped in the US (add $20 for international).

Feel free to email acidage13 @ with any questions regarding the new Supercollider and the different voices.