Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a Pale Mare rides

This is the Pale Mare fuzz- a take on the obscure Bee Baa fuzz circuit, which is really 2 fuzzes in one.

The primary fuzz sound is a mid heavy crunchy buzz that sounds perfect for neo-grunge power chords and sabbath worship. It is well balanced - not too heavy or too light and full of midrange.

The second fuzz sound - controlled by the V footswitch and VOICE knob - is a scooped-out treble blasted 60's biker movie kind of monster. Turning the VOICE control clockwise from 7 o'clock (or 0) blends the gnarly 60's sound into a more brutal steroid-fueled version of the primary fuzz. Plenty of cool in-between textures available via the VOICE control.

The other controls are straightforward: LEVEL for output, GAIN for distortion intensity, and TONE to control the treble content.

Sound clips will be up in a few days time

The PALE MARE will cost only $160 but can be pre-ordered now at $145 (plus shipping if outside of the U.S.) Color is Black sparkle with white ink. Pre-order price is valid until July 6th.

Estimated date of shipping will be the week of July 22nd-26th but could be a week to week and a half sooner.

PALE MARE *pre-order*


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