Friday, June 14, 2013

ACID PIG distortion info / pre-order - PALE MARE fuzz info

Hello and welcome to Acid Age Electronics. Time to get the ball rolling.

This the ACID PIG LM308 distortion unit. It is essentially a smaller and slightly simpler version of the Earthbound Audio Iron Pig, the only difference being the deletion of the Ge and LED clipping options (Ge was my least favorite, LED is too similar to LS).

In a 125B sized enclosure (2.6"w x 4.77"h) with top mounted jacks it won't take up much pedal board real estate.

The monster will cost only $160 but can be pre-ordered now at $145 (plus shipping if outside of the U.S.) Colors available are orange, green sparkle, or deep blue sparkle. Pre-order price is valid until July 13th.

In an effort to anticipate any setbacks the estimated date of shipping will be the week of July 22nd-26th. If all goes well that date could be a week to week and a half sooner.

Pedal junkies can order here:

ACID PIG *pre-order*

Refresh your memory with this video (thanks MrExcane!!) of the ACID PIG's father:

And on bass


Also making its debut this July is the PALE MARE fuzz, which is based on the fuzz circuit of the very underrated Roland Bee Baa. Info, design pics, and sounds coming right here very soon!

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